Sep 27, 2013

The knew they were loved

Pets are like friend to me. More than friend, I suppose. Coz unlike human friend, they only listen. (at least they looked like they are listening). For how they decide to do the opposite of what you were telling, that's another story. But I strongly think, the understands.

I've always been a cat lover. I used to have alot of cats. Some went missing, kidnapped or deceased. Now I have a 8yo male cat, Pepito. At daily basis, he only sleeps, eats and chasing paper crumple as a normal cat always does. But there are times when he gave me the creeps how 'human' he could be. Like when I was in bed, sad and crying, he sat at my pillow and chewed my hair. Or when I was mad and yelling like crazy, he run at me and bite my toe. As if he was telling me to stop.

A couple days ago, a friend told me about a sad accident happened to his kitty. Suddenly gloomy memories of my lost cats swooped back through my mind.

We will never be prepared to face these kind of situation. Losing a once-living creature is absolutely unbearable. C'est la vie. Just remember that they knew they were loved. They're in beatiful place now. Embracing memories of the ones who love them their whole life.

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