Sep 28, 2011

preedy preedy gifts

brown paper packages tied up with strings
these are the few of my favorite things

last week i felt like Christmas came early! one beautiful package from my hearth-throb illustration, miss Gemma Correll. Just take a peek on her website and aww yourself. Actually I've ordered for one single item, but she send me a lot of these instead!

gemma correll

one more pretty things sent to me, a fabulous tumbler from Kopi Keliling. Kopi Keliling is one hip collaborative art project event in jakarta. they ellaborate the best illustrator and pile them up in 3 sick days, last 18-21 september. lots of people came and at one spot, there were one spot where everybody get to doodle live, and the best get these fantastico tumbler! you could actually order their lovely merchandise here.

It's a shame I couldn't attend this fab event, but eventually i got this!!! Flawless illustration by Diela Maharanie (i love her!). now i can sip my coffee stylishly!

kopi keliling | diela maharani

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