Sep 26, 2011

cool people like her

i thank god for so many inspiring cool and talented people all over the world. i know it's selfish, but i feel motivated. once i saw their blog of article or whatever-ness, they made me wanna grab my pencil and paper. and start to swag on it.

so, in ode to these cool people, i made illustrations of them. this is probably my way of how much i appreciate them. she is one of them. diana rikasari.

she's probably the sickest fashion-blogger 'slash' young-enterpreneur 'slash-again' full time dreamcatcher in this country! the last one really represents her, coz when she had a dream, she put in in her blog. and when it is put, she is deadly serious to seize it. so yeah! she rocks!

speaking of inspiration, there will be an inspiring weekend for women. it's 9 to 9 Ladies Festival Surabaya at town's most lovely Majapahit Hotel. There will be so many classes, workshops, runways and of course, shopping scene! i will be leading drawing workshop on one of the classes. this is my first, so it will be awkward and fun for you to see :3

anyways, here are the schedule.

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