Jun 8, 2010

welcome home, y'all

today is coincidentally ended up where everybody continue their lives back home. either in home town, temporary or new home.
the co-parents and siblings-to-be is back to surabaya after a short holiday in jogja.
memi's coming back from bpp to my arms. tomorrow. yay!
my nds is on his way to live in bekasi with his new parent.
last but not least, we were just welcoming 3fur beings cat to our house. they are Bubu, Nin and Grey. they're my good good prego friend, Micha and his nice brother Mas Mosy. they're all Cat-oholic. i believe they are more maniacs than we do :D. but Micha's pregnant, plus Mas Mosy is going to get married also, so they have to send away this furballs. lucky me. and lucky Pepitoso coz all of them are females. so, Mr.Peps, work it well. *grin*

i cannot wait for tomorrow, meeting him. so much plan to catch up within 19days. uhuk.
picking him up on the airport, take our printed invitation *yayness* and... spend time together.
so.. cya!

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