Jun 8, 2010

pack we go

today is heavy! woke up this morning with:
- fever
- failing the 31days blogging
- demand of another round hour snoring, and..
- missing him. sssso bad. i  know, i know, it's only been 4days. but..u guuuuuys.

and today, also. i happen to have the shortest-longest travel of my life. went to bali for only 2hours, and flew back home. in private plane! the airplane was not shinny and all. but we get to fly off schedule. there. that's something XD

and then after, having a triple phone call from him, telling that they might've extend his schedule until saturday. but it was nothing much. coz i will probably be dead by then. seriously. *of course i didn't say that, kiddn' me*
but few hours later, he texted me that done or not, he'll take evening flight on 9th, and flew back to my arms. his friends just kicked him away, SIMPLY because there are less than 3weeks left!!!!  god, i love his friends. 

i was just done packing the ice blue NDS, sold and to-be delivered to someone in bekasi. kinda sad, but thinkin about the yellowish flare of pokemon ds, lightens my mood. which reminds me, I too have to pack!!!! my books, toys and my entire clothes... ><*
so here i am in my bed, in his batman tshirt, holding used tshirt of him *smell so good*, saying goodbye to all of ye and turning off the laps. 

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