Jun 10, 2010


he's back! yay! it was like a dream *halah* 
part that i'm late coz of traffic jam, and he's already out with HUUUUGE baggage.. he's back!
i was so happy, i even touched his face as if he's just an odd panoramic illusion XD. 
at first i felt so guilty, coz his job is not quite done yet. but the freaking time is frustatingly ticking, and so he has got to leave his friend, his good loyal friend, wahyu, and flew back to sub.but guess what, he's happy to be back.

and the invitations are done!!! the result is great, some of them are quite a mess, so we've ot to send them back to the printings.
Hopefully during friday, we could send them away. there are stacks of them ^^

ps : an-hour late-posting! :D

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