Jun 10, 2010

hello yello

one day, when u're crashing the mall, go out in some place, and saw a girl holding out a bright yellow nds, just holla at her. that might be me!!! XD
i cannot believe this rare and ubercute ds is finally has become one of my most valuable belonging!!! 
despite of it's disability *stucked slot 2 and wobbly joint* i love her. i do!
i really need to shop accessories for her, like glass case, or maybe a new matching EDGE :D
*next month, groaned memi*

speaking of him, we're almost done with stacks and stacks of invitation. for those whom are not invited, please do not hunt me down. LSSH. 
and we're on it for photo sucking session on sunday. i know. *groan*

about cattery, Grey and Nin starts to feel homier, while Bubu is still conceited about her anger. T T. Seems that Grey feels more confident on exploring the house. ignoring Pepitoso ugly hiss, she's ballet-ing over the floor. and last evening, they sat face-to-face together. awww.. 

BY THE WAY!!!!! one of my bestest friend is getting married tomorrow. so, sundi-kun! ganbarimashou!!!!
u deserve this! p^,^q

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