Jun 11, 2010

another friday

this is the last 3 friday we've been into before D-day. it was actually nothing much happened today.
except we score so many kodak moment in the dark room. so it's pretty exciting.
the job gone so mad. *translation : the boss* i just wish i could be in my off-day early, and get married, and go back there to resign. and start my new new life.

oh! and so i've bought one, JUST one accessory for pokemonDS. glass case. worthy worthy. :D
the cathood going to get better, Grey is miaw-ing whenever i enter the room. Bubu's hopefully starting to fed up with her PMS and Nin eat alot!!! XD

tomorrow's Sundy's party. gonna be there with mamah, bapak and memi. tomorrow, for details.

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