May 4, 2010

will i consist?

just about yesterday, me and my nealry-real virtua friends in plurk made pact about nonstop blogging for a month. i'd say it's a grrreeeat idea. i mean why not?! it only cost my..ehm really meaningful spurs. which is so hard-to-handle (surprise). all i need is one simple aiming target. to keep me in rhyme and right beat. i mean, u guys, it's 30days. it's like... earth-saturn further. 

i come up with several ideas.
  1. one-doodle day. i mean i could doodle nearly just anything. what-i-wear-today (btw, i just found out that they did it all time in here) or maybe a rock i saw on the street. see?! that's something.
  2. my 27-to-27 countdown on my wedding day. i could report progress, or even when there ain't any progress at all. neat, huh?! plus it doesn't have to be THE wedding always. i could write about all of the tension, madness, craziness, laziness.... *yawn*
  3. or simply do both!
well, we'll see about that. brb