May 5, 2010

hi, co-parents

ehm yes,. did i mention that memi's parent has arrived! oh yes they are. have i met them?! oh yes (after lots of unreasonable nausea and wethands) i met them. the day 1 is ssssso odd. especially with your boyfriend's brother keep giving a strange grin as a code of  "do not make eye contact" thing... i pass. :D:D
it was quite embarrassing actually, coz i worry to damn much with all (their) me. coz the day 2 and day 3 is so much better. i hope. (see!)

mean time! today's Starwars Day (yea, yea, big deal) aaaand.. ZAZU's 4th BIRTHDAYAYAYAYAY!! 
oh, u kids grow so fast! *sobs*

i already met him during lunch, but he diplomatically refuse to be congratulated, "belum waktunya", he says. because this afternoon is supposed to be a blow-candles moment. but apparently it got untimely early as you majesty is not patient enough after seeing the cake. and so they're having it, as i write now (chained on my desk *sad*), cutting the cake. i hope they save a slice for me. okay, 2. :D

happy birthday, Professor!

just another photo of zia in custom raincoat :D
*grabbed from his fb album*

late-report incoming!

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