May 7, 2010

where have i been, yesterday?

good question! 

on wednesday, i managed to have slice of zizou's delicious lemon birthday cake. only ONE slice, i swear. and other slice pizza :p. we played let's-build-the-brick-and-demolish with building brick *me and memi's bday present*, which THANK GOD he liked it. and then after, i went home, right before memi's relatives arrived at KENSA and we fought over. ha!

btw, these are the photos of zazu does his new projects. 

and yea, the one with humongous arm, that's me!

and u -whoever u are. were asking yesterday! 
well, me, memi and co-mum (translation : mother in law *to be*) were heading to shop for my needs. which is ssssso far the least situation being. i mean, what's the idea, your boyfriend's mom is waiting for u browsing for the items you like (in my case ARE quite pricey), and u pick yada-yada-yada, and she paid! oh! i hate tradition!

but hell, i got one complete makeup pouch of revlon *i know, right*, maybelline compacts, beautiful pairs of Charles and Keith (fyi, 30%) aaaand pairs and pairs and pairs of lingeries. his mom was oddly exciting on choosing those cute boobies-goggles. :D:D:D

did i mention that the proposal is on sunday? well, yea. the proposal is on sunday.

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