May 8, 2010

it's CATurday today!

well, today's errand's entitled PEPITOSO.
he goes to doctor to be ear-checked *supposed to be last tuesday, but i got busy and dead afterwards* and goes to pet-salon. mandated by ibu suri (translation: mama) to prepare pepito for the big day, tomorrow. yes, tomorrow.

memi's big fam will be coming to our house, to propose. and my mother worries about our cat well-being instead of me. urban-mommies.
this is him, taking his nap of grace :D

anyways. after pepi-errands, we will go to sogo to buy some of .. what shall i say, my savior for my big day. (i'm not going to tell u this, coz it's too embarrassing)

at last, let's see what tomorrow'll bring. *heartbeat*


  1. iihhh... kucingnya lucu sekaliiii... pingin ku elus-elus. gemesss... *gigit bantal*