May 9, 2010

operation 1.0 : succeed

A wrap!! Pretty smooth for pilot mission. *vbg*
Memi’s family had finally arrived, our moms and dads had finally met, yada-yada-yada. And bang! The next 2 Sundays in a row, we’re going to visit each other for a brand new last-minute extended agenda. Yes. *no comment*

Before they arrived, I’ve had quite frustrating moments, actually. U know, the prep and all. Not to mention my lovely bloody big sister is trying to steal the wheel, and under-estimating.. I mean, everything. But I manage not to slap her, and slap myself instead.
Anyways, these are the pics.




two fams collide

the suspects with their folks.

Funny how memi and I didn’t make a together-snap. the thing is, we’re not even sitting close to each other. *sad*
But, that doesn’t matter. Last night we had a date (after a long time. At least, it feels old for me), and he bought me a decent decent surprise!!! Love.

all is love

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