May 11, 2010

head extension demand

i was terrified, last night.
i am terrified, now.
the thoughts of being alone hangin' tough in the back of my neck.
i can only say time isn't our friend. of how the freaking date used to crawl under my blanket each time i try to close my eyes. but now, in every blink, i feel the shiver. *drama-drama-drama*

memi's company is nurturing their ripping-fang. which means, he won't be so as much available as before. so, yeah. demanding: yes. panic: yea.
until i finally come up with my old 'rely on your own butts'-mode. 

and i was shocked for what i've just heard. that one of my bestest, loyal, fabulous workmate and helping-hand friend was just passed away over motorcycle accident. 
well, wtvr, life! i am way to upset to write :'(

good bye my dearest ferdy. u'll be missed

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