Apr 30, 2010

my (another) wishlist

what?! it's been a year. so i reckon it's legal. *ignoring*

1. shoes.
i need a decent, good, wholesome stilletos. black, with blings (i know *sigh!*) and carries my heart. 
item found : nada!
2. NDS, for god sake!! this year, i promise!!!! 
item found : everywhere and frustrating
3. the strokes concert. please om adrie, please
status : rumor 
4. still gigs issue and if it's true,  foo fighters!!! 
status : hoax
btw, if i get to choose one of the gigs, i'd probs gonna have to choose foo's. and kill my self when i get home, and whispered 'jules' on my last breath.
5. car.
just one old car. for me,  my husband, our dog and our everbursting love.
status : daydream

see?!!! it's not so painful! 
oh, btw, that one is for the one who blatantly say that ANY of my wishlist is giving him headache. thanks. but, no thanks. haha.

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