Apr 1, 2010

I'm OK

how to make a woman-enough man, but not losing his manhood. 
how to make a man-enough woman, without gaining weight and waist-size over beers.
simply just to make us understand each other.
i mean, we all happen to suddenly stutter when it comes to explain our wickerwork thoughts. 
every woman does, right? right?

WE SEE more when your office mate being nice to you
WE REACT more when your ex tell 'u're not judging the book from the cover' to you
WE THINK simply how to impress yourside-people, more than you think. 
WE JUDGE more. oh yes we do.
WE HATE to be alienated and kicked out of your 'secret society'

this is not jealousy. what?! IT'S NOT

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