Mar 31, 2010

ain't I sweet?!

smart is good. but slick is better.
i mean, being smart means doing something right. 
being slick means doing something smarter. it could be wrong or bad. but smart.
instance, me and her. we did A thing. something kudos. but wrong at the same time. it was a mistake, but it felt sssso good (surprise, surprise). the difference is, i got caught. she didn't. and i have to admit, she's smarter (point: slicker) but it doesn't mean that she's right.
and when she came up to me, and tell me 'yada-yada-yada' of how stupid and unwise and ungrateful i am, and advising me with free-flow bullshits, the will of me to slap her on the face is... is.. (supposed to be) legal!

i mean, woman! i know u. i read your diary! (slick action, yes!) and u are far from being crowned a halo. bite my ass, so f-ing far. 
there are so many classy way of making a good gloat on me. like... i don't know. u're so smart, u think of something!

anyways. this is what u're gonna get of being mesial. who writes blogpost on the rage. brb.

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