Mar 21, 2010

the wonders

i thought i've been in this situation. yea, like i fall in love. huge deal. i mean, like 'he's the one' fall-in-love. and initiating a little step further everyone recognize as a lack of confident of being alone and that freak "M" word is pointless and leads u one step on circle of life. u know, birth, grow, fucked, un-fuck, get married, and thus, dead. 
but here i am. 

here we are, actually. considering this is not our first times, i think it's proper to say we're rearranging, reorganize, and refurbishing huge ruin left by the crackheads we thank, and start over.
same field, different player! 
one that we could learn of heavy fall is, obviously, that when another big rock dang our heads, it's not really that hurt. parents. i mean,... u guuuuys. we're building a path to leave the nest. and you're helping! how neat is that?! haha-yay.

anyways, ladies and germs. we're hardly called relax to organize everything on our own butts, but this one (believe me) so much easier it freaked me out. i go like, "done?" 
i'm a snob to say this, but hell u, guess this because u're already found the essential. and the rest is dung. 

he's ordinary. i'm ordinary. we don't waste time.booyah!

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