Feb 3, 2010

*cough* love *cough* letter

still amazes me. of how u keep on making me cry int the middle of the night, when i was in my room and u're not there. u're not here.

for god sake, we are so ready. so much ready. but ain't got nothing else to do except to wait. and it terribly sucks the mood out of me. even worse than having hell of a case of caughting your boyfriend in bed with other bitch.

it kills me. in heavy pain. i'm like Nancy being stabbed 7times with a kitchen knife (w/out the die-part, of course) in every fucking time i walk u out to my door. and time as the Sid.

i love u. i love u. i'd voluntarily say it thousand times, and as loud as my freaking throat could take me. still, won't be enough. i don't care how ur family treat u. well, i'm going to treat u right. i don't fucking care how my mom and dad still have HUGE disrespect, undertrust and empty cup-ing us, i'm not stopping. i do nothing less than everything to make em shut their gobs and let us be. us. because me cost u.

august 9 is our fucking day. 29 is our wayday.

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