Aug 22, 2009


"I´ve been roaming around always looking down and all i see
Painted faces, fill the places i cant reach

You know that i could use somebody
You know that i could use somebody someone like you"
-Use Somebody, KOL-

Freaking nice song. telling about how we meet someone, observe, and decide. that that person fits for us. well, i found it slightly pathetic, honestly. of how we actually confirm that we ARE half and are handicapper.

i once believe, that we were made in couples. we oughta find someone to be work as a gear with, not to mention jerry mcguire quote "you complete me" propaganda.

they say we will find our match, eventually. amongst 7zillion of people?! really? so, our match is actually enforceable. say, when u meet someone, and think "i want him!", oh you WILL make it happen. you will do effort to make it happen. and when he's not the one, so do the reverse. and it is hurting both sides.

SO! i come up with a new religion, that always depend on your own asses, in the end. yes, it is tough, but at least you will find it easier, 'coz u don't really have no shits to share, or to care about the feelings of others

u gulp all the sadness, shittiness, fuckity-ness and (hopefully) happiness to your own selves. it is safer.

but mind ya. it's just me saying..things..what i believe.
wtvr ^^

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