Sep 6, 2009

hello. my name is nita, and god gave me nose bigger that necessarily

i am a 27 girl, woman or man, as requested. i easily switch my adultery to be 8 or 16years old when i'm happy, or oddly needy.

i have strong will and curiosity, that in common term is egocentrically freak. 
have a serious obsession on shopping bags, animal and keychain. and always wishes to turn every animals in the world into keychain (not in a bad way, i swear) and give them to every single person to adopt and take care for. endangered issues solved!

i love challenge. i love new things. but i treasure my memories. even the bad ones. i'm not a bad person, but quite a bitch to begin with. 
i am a loving person but cynically thinks that love is a bad concept.
i hunt, i failed, hurt and long so much of it, but simply thinks that it is the last biggest thing to think, before i die.

damn! i cannot write anything anymore, about myself clearly! i sounded like a mindless your girl who describe herself in a social network shits.whatever, i need some sleep!

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