Apr 7, 2008

what's bonding us...

i still don't feel the difference of our engagement, quite yet.
but this one's quite cute, actually.
it's about the ring thingy on our fingers...

i'm not really comfortable of rendi wearing ring.
i don't know. the little sparkle on his hand is just..so not him.
but at same point, i don't want to be the only one who wear this thing (harsh!).
i mean, i know it's cute, but somehow i want to feel equal. this thing is new, and i want him to feel likewise strange and awkward, as well.

ren was having an interview for a whole new job on Friday. he's so anxious bout it.
he's being sweet for wearing the ring at D-day. he somehow make it as a lucky charm (aaaaaw...)
the HRD-mr.man, say he's quite satisfied with ren's first look (asking : married? hmm.)

and one day, like always, i 'unequipped" the ring when i wear lotion and serum (i dont want any stains just yet). and i left it. right there. on top on fan. just right there.
i realized it on my way to offc. god. i got panicked. and it felt just really (sounds too much) empty.
and i called Ma to keep it, she say she'd wear em, so i wont be lost.
rendi say, it feels too weird if your personal item worn by someone else. even your mother.

personal item, he say. aaawm shush ndul....
not only computer is personal! hehehe

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