Apr 14, 2008

is this the way it should be?

been thinkin'. about lack of frequent time for us get to meet each other.
is this what the 'next-step' thing costs?
that i have to do anything except being selfish..like..uum, missing my fiance?!

wel, it's about r's new job. they really are knowing how to maximze the worker's skills.
imagine this, 8-5 (which is 9 hours!) mon to fri. and 8-3 for sat. (which is so not compatible with my schedule, so horay!)
not to mention afterwork activities. well, this one's occasional coz they held an expo (just until yesterday)
PLUS, the former worker work like shit! he left the files (tons of files to be modified) in hell out of a jungle. the file arrangements are completely messed up.

they actually have just bought r's computer (or should i say, treasure?) of the latest mac, cost about 3000dollars. and so they expecting him to work much, fast and everything!

i objectively think that this is a robbery. but i dont wanna burst his zeal. he's obviously in the sky with diamonds.
i mean, he seems to be very exited. yet anxious.
i know, he would force himself to break the tension of comparing the super-hi-tech-miraculous-box with the task he ought to do. i mean, i just dont want him to get overwhelmed and too-carried away.

as i say about being selfish, taking up the consequences of being more-than-just-dating, i have to support him. no matter how much i disagree. i am not allowed to do "miss ya" or sorta things which can distract his will of working-superb.
not to mention how rare we get to meet, and the fighting we did during that.

is this what it costs?! if it is, i'm not liking it.
desperate mode : on