Mar 25, 2008

at last...

did i not tell ya? it went well।
this week went so well। (i drove car for the very 1st time, with 5 passenger!wooohooo....)
it went so well, that it ended up affianced. *blush*

to be honest, i didn't feel anything.
i mean, i feel happy when we put rings onto each that. d'uh . it's just just i don't feel nothing different on us. not yet, maybe. but, is this the way it should be?
the difference we get is just bills to pay. and little sparkle on my ring man. i know, right?!
i just hope 'it' sprouting real soon! hihi

anyway, the show (funny!) went pretty well. it was rain-spritz when ren's fam came (and my fam hasn't, which is so argh!). hampers : pink 'spiku' taart : which is soooo freakin delicious; cheesy potato pie : total yum!; and fruit (classic!).

poet's speech was a slightly not-bad (sepasang kekasih, o please god forgive her) which she had stole from pop's. so pop came out speechless and a bit rambling. but MUM. her's the best! very fluent and simple. great. love u, ma.

just after the ceremonial thingy, it rain hard. so hard that ma and i so worried ceiling incident.
so we 'hampers-away' them and they went home, rendi stayed. we just laugh and laugh...
o so my freaking god. we did it!!!!

so later on, if an arrogant english man asks me cynical way "and who you might be?" *rolling eyes behind his spectacles*
i can proudly answers "I'm his fiance, we're getting married next mid year".

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