Mar 19, 2008

counting down

o my gooooood....
i cannot imagine how fast this time is. it's the d minus 2.
no, it's exactly 34 hours form now.

these days felt like hell (obviously!). when things aren't in the right place. our heads slowly weigh thousand and thousand times, our feet felt like they cannot carry on. not to mention your ear and mouth (and other's too) going twisted, magnifying every single thing. and how u'd always wanted to scream that u can't continue. u'd give anything to stop these crazy tights of relationship tension, and out of this freakin hot-hot temped tiny room.

fortunately, here i am. breathing (slightly) ier. knowing that i'm not alone feeling this. and that both of us, imagining things...bad things. and being silly together.

here we are, i said.
with a guy i want to spent my whole life with (hopefully).
it's just a year to go, ndul!!!! head for the rain!

let's just hope for that freaky friday kicks!

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