Mar 10, 2008

stressing my ass out!!!!!

o my god. i definitely need one of those. the closer to the d-day, the more i wet my pants off. huhuhuhu....what i'd dooooo?! feels that always something going wrong, or undone. or missed. high-pressure mode : on! each day, it gets worse! my Nana's coming.

oh, no.
u might think I'm terrible person to not inviting my Nana. well, let me tell ya what kind a person she is. she definitely look really cute. short and jumpy, white hair, barely sees. but once she talks, she's like wicked witch of the east!!!! she loves to scold as if everything we do is wrong and intolerable. she even scold me because i fold tissue not using her way. it's tissue for god sake!!!! aaargh...and she loves to change stories everybody told her (or not! she somehow eavesdrop everytime), and love to repeat what she have experience, over and over and over again. when she suggest something, it is a demand to do what she told. or she;s gonna rag u your whole life!!!! not to mention, when she wants something, she suddenly act cute and spoiled like a little girl. AAAAARGH!!!!

ok. thats enough. i-i need some aspirin

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