Mar 6, 2008

our outting....

last night was a blast, tru. i said, it was long time awaits! although it was kinda sad leaving rendi behind, alone, miserable, rottening himself in gloomy room...drama. drama-drama-drama

we hung-out, window sweeping cute stuff, plan coming back there one day and buy them what-so-ever. dinner at
fish and co. ugh, so good. but not so much with the horrible cocktail. (movie quote : likes cock) hahahaha...
we watch
27 dresses movie. not so bad. quite entertaining along with the popcorn gulping parade.

so good. we should do that again sometime later, tru!

this morning, we got tickets (again) i'm just getting tired and tired having business with authorities. i mean, obviously not that i'm right for not having driving license (d'oh), but why those in-uniform crack heads always find out how to screw people's day. i mean, normal people trying to live here, thank u very much.
it's not really even to how they always refers to bribery-master. god!!!!

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