Mar 11, 2008

shine like a star

ugh, i know. u might think i have lots and lots of spare time researching this.

many posts saying about negative things stardoll is, that they should prevent their kids playing such addictive, money-making monstrous like this one.

well, thank you so very much. not to worry, women. There is I to stand for women like us, tru.


i think stardoll is just exhibit A. many other people spent money for lot of expensive yet useless things. let them play. it’s good to get them busy of what they like, for like an hour. they’ll need no longer (the game’s just slightly dull, though).

fyi, i play stardoll for fun (yea i know, right?!). get them to play with free/cheap stuff. (make them manage their finance). later when they broke, tell them to make thing called ’scenery’. its actually a simply-fun collage art. u showed up in some sort of scene-set, with backgrounds, props, flairs and dresses to match. not to mention u can put your friend to appear. post it, and u’ll get points. those point in somewhat amount could be redeemed with stardollar. so u don’t have to pay anything.

i know, there’s a lot of alternatives to maintain your child’s creativity, this is probably just a mediocre. but why not letting them to play? it has blog too (i would want my daughter to learn to write, of course). and it’s starpointing too!

about the superstar membership (that cost real money), no need to do that, really. but if your daughter insist…make a deal with her. like straight 8 A’s? *wink*

I'm getting my kids account.

ok. ok, i have it already. yea. 5 of them

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