Mar 25, 2013

Another issue

As predicted, March has always been the hardest time of my life. Financially, psychically and probably mentally. i try my best for not complaining, but it is me you're talking about. if things are not on the right place properly, i would easily turned out to be drama.

I've been spending my entire time doing what i love (such as daily scribble doodles and other art experiments) for fun and ONLY for fun. Well yes, I know money cannot buy experience nor happiness. But considering i'm in state on unsecured finance, i should be more thoughtful about that. I need to sort out my priorities.

BUT IF... i force myself into high-paying yet high-pressure jobs, my head keeps thinking to do something else and is impossible and pointless way to continue the money-making job. 

But, Hey! It's only a month. it's only ONE freaking month. if only we will take moment to sit and write everything that has happened to us lately, actually it's not so bad. Yes, i almost drained every single penny of my savings, but i am lucky enough to be granted such big opportunities.  

like, who would have thought that i meet great new friends to sit, draw and basically do fun things together?! And how i could finally take my naive illustration to be exhibited on one of the most important spot of Jogjakarta?!

and just a couple days ago, i finally put check mark on my wish list : to do  magazine illustration piece.

Here are  my works for Working Mother Indonesia - March 2013 issue. 

Thanks tantru for the opportunity ;)

this will make my chin up for a while :)

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