Oct 3, 2012

October yayness

as i was saying on my previous post, that in a country i've been living in, art really isn't really a living. since people give more appreciation to 'value' the most, i think life would be so challenging for creative people. :D

like this one! she is one adorable mom of a twin, great singer and guitar player, and she sews!
screw the kitchen, but what more could you ask for a woman?!! 

Since she's so famous, most of you probably already knew her brand, Inaku. She's familiar with pretty and distinct batik and textile pattern.  Last month i happen to be so lucky to do a collaborative project on her signature Reversible Totebags. 

photos are taken by Inaku'

you could find her great works on her blog and fanpage.

as if it's not good enough, she generously does some giveaway her lovely DIY book and bags for free! watudu? watudu? find the details, here
follow the simple steps, pick a prize  and cross your finger. :D

of course i want the book! :D

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