Mar 31, 2012

don't chew, just swallow

lately i've been fooling myself for complaining about my job. well, actually, i kinda have in mind for the solution. check out. a side from the impossibility for me to resign, due to professional commitment and financial unstability, i better suck it up. because i feel like life is kind enough by giving me a lot of distraction before i explode :D

lately, i am actively participating illustration and design competition. it's not only about the yummy bounty prize, i feel that i need to take my skill to the next level. because, honestly saying, everytime i look at my illustrations, all i can think about is Children Illustration Book. I mean, it's good. but it's a challenge to make it applicable to other things as well :D

 oh! i've been receiving email from a lot of strangers asking me to make either illustrations or designs for their companies. so everytime i got home from my feel-like-thousand-years office, i've got some fun fun assignment. and having some new friends as a bonus!

anyways, these are the latest project i did. an illustrated sketchbook for my good friend's daughter, Kyanna's 1st birthday...

happy birthday, lil kyanna. may everything sugary and lovely gifted in your bounty cheek <3

speaking of gift, last week, my friend went vacation overseas and she brought  me "What I Wore Today" book. OMG! She really gets i went insane on this book, and as usual, it's not available in Indonesia. yes we could buy em online, but geez the shipping cost double the real price. so yay! YAY!!

The book is some sort of activity book for doodler. we get to draw fashion we own (or not!) matched to the season and all. it has the 'wish list' page, also!
there are pages with different version of WIWT by illustrator all over the world. I did submit an entry before the book was printed, but didn't get picked. despite of how suck i drew in the past, this one's another... 

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