Mar 23, 2012

can i really do that?

since i am pretty much feed up with overwhelming office hours, it makes me seriously think about doing freelance. it actually pays good money, but looking at the time i spent there (approximation 10 hours/day) i think i can earn more. not only money, time.

there are a lot of great service company like shopa & co or that i dream one day i own myself. i was thinking of sending them my works sample, and see if they are interested. 

so the question is now,
  1. can i sell my work?
  2. other that namecard, could we make more print-base features? like greeting cards, envelope, letterheads or even wall-decal? 
  3. regarding to urgency, is it possible to make 'same-day' service? 
honestly saying, this post is also for the competition held by to win freebies. neat! 

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