Nov 19, 2011

Friends i fan

i'm really overwhelmed with all the gift these amazing people have sent me. i mean, these people are NOT just a person. they're the best illustrator i ever friend.

this came earlier this month, from lovely Alice Bonacina (popularly known as Ramrena). Italian illustrator who's currently live in UK. she ask me my fav animal, and then made this for me. I LOVE IT!! 
my cushion case in on the way to her house. thank you, rena :* 

Today, just arrived, a package full of lovely things from Jessica McLeod a.k.a monstacle ! She blog about everything! makeups, nail polish and amazing drawings! we had one thing in common, huge love-hate obsession towards America's Next Top Model (she blogged 'bout it, too) :D 

anyways, we swapped. i've sent her my handmade totebag, and she has sent-back me these : 2 comics (signed) and 5 cute badges which i wish i could pin it in my forehead. those are cutieeeees! thanks alot, jess. 

thank you all. you're all too kind. :*

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