Oct 10, 2011

monday mourning.

last week was probably not the best week of my life. with all of those unpleasant surprises (like work thing and cat loss), it doesn't mean that there were no good things. But i still get to choose to (i mean, i have to!) sort only the good thing ONLY in my head. so it won't ruin the rest of my whole life.

last saturday, i was invited to share experiences and discuss about Design and Business Management at one local independent community, C2O Library. it did sound lil bit scary at first. but we always had an opinion about everything, right. so i gave it a shot. and it was fun! meeting new people with different perspective. plus, it's a great place also. really homey, and i enjoy being there. here is the report.

i was actually feeling better on sunday, we just need to do some errand and drop by to brother's house and playing along with lil chimp, Zia.

and today. i woke up really down and heavyhearted. lack of sleep, and not willing to step down from my bed. but i made it anyway. a friend came to my desk and drop this! 

photo by Grace

She made a plushee out of avatar i drew weeks ago! and i heart it hard! ♥♥ Thank you so much, dear Grace. you could actually see her sick wickerwork of craft and crochet, here

and just after lunch, i walk to a convenient store nearby, and saw these!!!! a cutesy The Dog Kids artist collection lighter, with miniature dog floats whereabouts. there are golden rets, king charles, many more. and i can't choose between these two. so i bought 'em all. :3

it says "May dog kids bring a world of happiness and tremendous joy to you"


  1. I'm sorry to hear about your not very lucky week :(
    But look at what cute things you have for cheer you up!

  2. thank you, rena :*
    yes, might as well if i stay grateful for everything i have :D