Sep 12, 2011

hello again

hi hello holla back!!! been a while after a long ied ul fitr holiday, the works has been so cute to me lately :3. aside of the new exciting office projects (yes! i love my job, finally!), i have so much things ordered during recess. Not to mention for this one amazing person's birthday, Jessica Na. People on the office plans to give presents that contains all of our faces. And i'm honored! The deadline was so leather-pants tight, but i made it less than 8 hours for these 5 pillows.

this is her!

it didn't stop there. i also made DOZEN of homebake Potato Gratins that night! hahahaha....
i mean, i cannot hardly imagine that people are insanely ordering food on me. on me! the world to day, people. tsk.

it's been fun week. how's yours?

*photo is taken from jessica's facebook

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