Jun 18, 2011

june junkie

well, well, well. it's always been busy weeks for a full-timer office worker and in-betweener. but these days, i tell you, it's really really tight packed. the work has gone mad, with so many clients to pitch, while i need to make submissions for contest and exhibition.

i know u probably think i'm lame, but this busy-ness really flashes my days. it did. it's good to go home from routine, and think about 'what should i made today' on the way home. so it made me feel slightly alive. not to mention the gladness of having some appreciating new friends, new community and new chances. i'm kinda addicted on doing things and make sure i have progress.

speaking of new friend, there's one deadly talented illustrator and bacon addicted, Nani. knowing a great young artist share the same nationality does feel great. coz there not much of those. check out her amazing blog and aww.

yesterday, my workmate told me about charity bazaar for early next month. we get to sell anything we like, with 60 great shops. my goofy-good friend, pinkan and I will be there to share store with loads of handmade stuff. it means, there will be a lot of cushion cases, tote bags, t-shirts yada-yada-yada. so if you're in (or apparently will be in) surabaya, come to our shop and join all the good-deeders.

Mean time this are the project progress for the next ICE indie clothing expo : woman chapter

so it goin to be a happy-panic week.

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