Jun 25, 2010

okay, the first prosession is done.
a lot of tante-tante pengajian came to my house. sent lots of prayers for my upcoming event, and also my beloved granny. may she rest in peacer life.

supposedly, we're prisoner of our own parents, but memi made a way to sneak out of his house, and meet up at my place. it was only 2minutes. but, god. it's THE husband. only 2 days away.
today, i got scolded by my make-up artist. he said that i'm being difficult by wanting simple thing T,T
 - i'm not wearing earing. 
 - i want nude look
 - i don't want to hide my chubby cheek. i mean, it's totally undeniable. so leave em be!

but, i know. this is once in life time. plus, i need to put aside of my ego *and let everyone else's to dominate*

sigh. i just want to do the akad. and the rest is wind in the whole.

and im trying to forget stupid txt message from the not-so-bf EX. it pisses me off. bet he must've read this. yes! this is you, i'm talking about! need (another) confirmation?! 

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