Jun 24, 2010

of how time grows claw

ok. it's over. this is the last day i met memi.
the next time i met him, he'll be sitting in front of my dad, shaking his hand, asking permission on taking me away from their house :D

my god. it's just 3days away.

we had another meeting, and this time with the MC, lovely  micha (along with her hubby, her mom and dad). yes, the same person who happily surender 3 furbeings. honestly, i feel i had a bigger heart on the chaos-to-be of the rundowns, coz suddenly, the famous uncle is coming and deciding on doing 'planned spontaneous' stunts.
and yes, i feel scared with the 'what-ifs' question. 
but, somehow. just somehow. i feel so much more... confident.

let's just hope it's not raining. amen.

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