May 31, 2010

talking about monsters...

and so they say 'there's one in all of us'. well, actually, there are MANY of those. jealousy, loneliness, hope... gosh! need a list?
this is sad. i'm sad. if u (whoever u are) saw me, down the street, gazing at the dirt i am standing at, don't be fooled. i might've gone sadder than i feel.
memi's leaving for his work. only for couple of days, true. but he took a big chunk of myself away. and left me only with my worrisomeness. sad it is, but yes. he's at no turning point. i'm at my weakest.
i found it really hard to communicate. we laugh more, but fight more as well. we made up, until we said the wrong words, and it goes over again.*sigh*
27th to the double-U day. so, yeah.

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