May 30, 2010

pretty is pretty painful

today i was just experiencing the most painful,  i mean THE most, 90minutes of my life!!!!! in place where there's should be relaxed, happy, good smelling people, laid. with their backs and feet massaged. me? i'm laying down in a hard bed with a woman pinching every inch of my face!!!! well, guess what?! tranquil my butt!!! XD

a good friend of mine, told me that i really should do the prewed treatment thingy. i'd say, why not. well, there i goes to herbs spa in town, deciding to do the facial and tiptotoe spa. a bit pricey, but hey, no argue. 
good choice when i choose to do face-hell treatment first, and then cleopatra spa. i thought, after what she did to my babybutt face, they shut me with lots of massages, bubble bath, sauna *please* and scrubs *they scrubbed too hard, and so i have bruises over my back*. they told me i should come back within a week. uhuk!

i should know facial is a torture, but i never imagined what they'll do to your skin! and skeleton. i mean, i keep thinkin' they'll going to crack! 28days left, and my one-month-away husband told me that i'm as red a shrimp. great.

well, at least i smell oddly good. and i think i'm ready for a tattoo.
i mean, i cannot be more painful that facial right? right?

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