Sep 7, 2009

just freaking skip this post.

i realize that i keep playing absurd on everywhere, trying too hard to be it. results? b-o-r-i-n-g. go try to check my early posts! ugh, so not in fashion :p
this one potentially contents tendency of annoyance, coz quite a bit as-usual-as egocentrically bullshit, but to observe who i was, i am and to be. 
so i strongly recommend you to hell out of it.

starting by reposting this 25craps about me from facebook note (02/09) and to check out, what have changed and what's not.

1. I have serious obsession on shopping bags 
2. I have wrote my 6 biggest fear on my blog. *pathetic* 
3. I hate my nose
4. I believe love conquers all *ok, snort your pants* 
5. I love furry-beings. animals rocks. even snakes and lizards (not that they have furs).
6. I love the 3rd button on every shirt. hmm..not really anymore
7. I could be terribly loyal and loving. sometimes it annoys boys
8. I am totally believing my dreams! all of it
9. I believe in ghosts
10. I hate-hate-hate banana! and i dont expect it's going to change for the rest of my life
11. I always wanted to be someone else just rarely. A-ha! progress!!
12. I always disagree with my parents, but never run out of love by them 
13. I have a mysterious tendency to kidnap cute kids and getting worse
14. I cry easily 
15. I have uncontrollable wild imagination, i could use some aderall
16. I feel loveless easily 
17. I get crush by smart guys. easily.
18. I can't drive a car
19. I could be worst bitch to begin with getting better on controling, i swear
20. I never, not even once, watch Titanic movie done it! finally!
21. I'd never lie. i just don't tell all
22. I love cigarette smells, but i don't smoke ehm...just a bit  
23. Sometimes people treated me like a spoiled little girl, and it offends me!
24. I always got carried away after watch movies
25. I love coincidences!!!! 

there! that was pretty the same old person 6months ago. ah, hell!

this is me 6 months younger and now

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