Sep 9, 2009

it's just me talking...

Who invented the word Relationship? Was it really come out from the word Relation + Ship? Coz I think it is not really related to any words above.
I think, relationship is a gamble.

It is gambling. When you make friends, or dating someone, or even finally bound yourself into a marriage. Those were all a different form of speculative social action. All are same. The difference is that the amount of investment. Of course it is so much more than a couple chip-shaped of dollar bill. It is trust, understanding and acceptance.

The person we are into is the stake. They are the chance for us to be better, 
richer and wiser person. We could be all of it, if we really invest good deed on ourselves also. Not to mention the things that we cannot control. Luck.

And chemistry.

It is important, and undeniably fatal.

It’s invisible to demand, and too vulnerable to see. You just feel it. It’s there or not. Once it’s there, it there. You cannot built it, or raze it. And it goes to everyone. Not only for couples. Everyone. Even friends and parents. Basically everybody has a same standard of chem-radar. It’s just most of people just too cocky to ignore it.

Relationship is more than logic. It’s not only understanding-understood thing. It’s simple yet complicated. As simple as you pull a handle on your slot machine. Every little thing has to sync to your hope to win it. It is on daily term called : faith!

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