Feb 17, 2009


this morning, i woke up with the so much hopeless hope. hahaha..
i dreamt about him. and i. are married. right.
i dunno, it was told that he and umm..his tiny-st12fan gf brokeup, and chickened back at me. yet, i accepted him. he asked me to get marrried. aaand..i say yes. we dont really chat alot, but i can quite sure that i was enjoying his reexistance in my life. and after we got married, i just start to ask him, why did he broke up? hows your job? and why did u run back at me?

and believe me, it was almost reach the shaggy thing with him, i woke up. yes. i mean real wide. where i can actually try to get back snore. nope.

i told my mom, and laughed. i mean i laughed, my mom didn't. she still feel that him-thing is an issue. not that i totaly get over him, haha. its just i really need my whole life to actually swing along with this memory.

anyway, i thought i heard that dreaming about matrimony or wedding is a bad sign. but, ok, u can laugh, but my mom handed me the "interpretation" book. apparently, it should be good. if u dream yourself in your own wedding, you are about to have a goog-good thing. big thing. in the future. so horay.
i hope it is going to be a very hot hugh-jackman-like husband, nor 10grant lottery. hahaha. no.

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