Mar 4, 2008

bad luck, march!

these are mad. seems like we (office folks, mostly) are jinxed. so many bad things happen since yesterday and today.
yesterday, i was burst in tears (details ahead). so much to carry on the shoulder, and most...the eyes.

this morning, rendi pick me up and say, the hardisc blew. and irreparable. this means another 500.000 spent. gosh.
just arrive at offc, mendy walking gauntly. she lost her Nana, just this morning.
after that, butet's baby got in the hospital. the little tike vomit continuously since friday. another car accident, some are dying..
my god.

ok now. about me.
the curse really does exist. about bride-tension. it really does exist.
the feeling of somehow, i forgot the most-important-thing, but can't recall. and it makes rendi freaked out, and decide to diss me.
and about to cancel the e-ment.

it all began by the most mediocre topic. hairdo. my hairdo.
i can't seem to decide what to do w/ my hair. cut it? wave it? or straighten it.
he suggest to cut it by half. i say. OK. but i wanna do sumthin more.

the thing is, i still cannot recall what i miss. so i was trying to convince my self, that it's the hair. the hair is what i miss. coz the rest is all set and perfect (hopefully). PLUS, i get overwhelmed by my will to knock the 'ordinary' look of me.
people always assess me as plain as i look. no fuss with the makeup what so ever. so i go like, 'for the very one day of my life, i'd look different". and i have to say, i tried too hard. I've been to focused on what everybody would think, and so i forgot the main thing that i am about to bond with the man i wanna spend my whole life with. so he flew...
and before he flew, he push me off the cliff too.

by the time i hang in around (monkey like), he made me realize, the most important thing i forget is him...

(not so much with throwing all my make-up prods on closet) i just want my fiance back...

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