Apr 16, 2013

Proud the present : PRIDE!

well well, i  must say, this year has been so nice to me. Not financially, but more about something intangible.
It's only April, yet it's going to be my 5th exhibition this year and also the 2nd  time i'm being with the LOS guys.

This particular exhibition cost ssooooo much energy and time.different from the previous exhibition i've been through, this one has pages of to-do list. Not that i didn't enjoy it. i do. believe me, i do. 

especially, this is the first time we're having the exhibition on a great gallery (and not to mention a very cool and contemporary hotel). And also we'll be having such great company! 

Great artists like Rich Fisher, Michael Cufua, Singpentinkhappy, Dika Toolkit, Luvck and lots of illustration celebrity on instagram are submitting their amazing artworks for the sake of the exhibition.

Now, last but not least is.... we're inviting you!!! Yes!
We're opening a submission from all of you art and illustration enthusiast to send your artwork to us. We'll print it and have it on our exhibition. How fun is that?!!

for those of you who don't understand the details (since it is written in bahasa), the rules are pretty simple. Make an artwork related to your "PRIDE" or anything you would brag about, scan / snap a photo in A4 size with great quality resolution and send them with your art title, concept, contact details and also website/twitter/facebook/instagram links. After being curated, your artwork will be exhibited amongst other great arts from great artists all over the world.  And that's it!

We'll see ya then!

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