Apr 14, 2012

our friday night

well, lastnite was a gloomy night. pretty much. 
we've just happen to know that something that we're really expecting isn't coming towards us. at least, not in short future.

but that's the way life patterns. instead of waste our time to ask "why? WHY?!!!", might as well move on.
yes, we're sad. we cried. we wipe our snorts and suck it up. i mean suck the pain, not the snort. that would be...eeeww!

anyways, today i took a day off and rest my mind and body at home. doing nothing essential and some tv trash alone with my cat :D

later on, me and memi spent night at our room watching the episode finale of The Walking Dead (he's totally mad about it!). and if you were here, you would see this. 

that was my non-blinking husband, me (decided to freeze a moment with this sketch) and my cat (who was constantly massaging blankies). 
that's all, then. wish you were here <3

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