Nov 11, 2011

lil lot of L.O.V.E


this is what i feel. Love from and to everyone around me. 
memi. of how he's being annoying husband with his semi-funny jokes, i cannot imagine living out of u :*
mom and dad. even sometimes i cannot cope with you guys, we always know we got each other's back.
siblings, well, we're related and there's nothing we could do about it, except bearing each other. xD
nieces and nephews, u kids grow so fast. *cry*
stranger friends. u guys are exceptional! sometime's i feel the love more than people i know. it's unconditional, less pretense and fair. it's a privilege.

okay, before it turns out to be testament-ish, i should stop. 


  1. hello there. your blog is a blessing. i love your drawings and way of thinking. :)

  2. thanks jemie. :)
    nice to meet you