Nov 7, 2011

Good Gout

starting today, i join the 3rd annual SEVEN : Draw Your Days. obviously drawing anything happen (or didn't happen) during a week. it's fun, and no pressuring at all! triggered by Tita Larasati, a well-known illustrator and a tutor in the country which consistently drew her daily journal and gave birth 3 great graphic novels. i'm such a fan! check out her blog and go aww.

anyways, this is what happen today.

A ballad of came home late with screaming gout

guess what! today i had my rheumatism all day!!! means, i'm an adult now! yay! was pretty collosal, but won't ruin the rest of the day. 
at these hour (as usual) hubby successfully raced me down on sleeping early, while i'm still tuned on hell's kitchen (or whatever on) till finally feel sleepy (approximation : 20minutes) and crawl down under the blanket :3

cya tommorow, then.


  1. lol. this is hillarious. just how old are youe xctly? :D

  2. old enough to feel the pain back there :D