Nov 13, 2011



its been hot these days. i mean, extremely hot we have to take off all of our clothes during the day :3
and today, we were surprised by starfruit tree in front of our house. it fruits!!!
so we grab our basket, and merrily harvest the lovely tree. and apparently, the hose next to us is also harvesting! looking at them who's not really amused as much as we do, we assume they already have their harvest for many times. and their fruits are actually bigger!
but we're happy coz it's the first time (after 3months we moved here). the taste is really similar with the ones at the supermarket. its watery and sweet. and it's gone to a better place now *pat our stomach*

wait a minute!!! it means i'm finished with the SEVEN : Draw Your Days challenge. 
i will be compile these 7pages, and make it as another zine! yay!

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