Oct 18, 2011

late and new friends

remembering our late beloved friend, my college friends and alumni are organizing a Tribute to Sapta Poetri. Her sister (i met her and she's a clone of her big sis), actually came up with it since we're reminiscing Sapta's upcoming birthday on 22 october 2011. 

Poster made by Tebobo 

As long as i can remember, she's a lovely, goofy and kind person. if it wasn't because of that motorcycle accident, she would probably be among us. anyways, she would probably laugh about it somewhere up there. Sapta, you're an inspiration for everyone afterlife. you be good there, ya . 

Mean while, new project awaits. this time i will make my first zine! 

Poster made by Redi Murti

This cute event will be held on c20 Library, where we present and share our indie zine along with potlock picnic with some new friends! :3

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